I’m building a new house for my mom – Efia Odo claims


These days nothing gets done without being splashed all over social media for others to feed on. In fact, some things that are not even being done gets splashed on social media all the same, then later on one discover we were being deceived all along

Former ashawobrity, Efia Odo has claimed she’s building, in fact almost done with a new building for her mom

Taking to Twitter, Efia Odo announced she’s building a new house for her mama

“I don’t have a car and I’m still finishing my moms house my clothes are 80% free and so are a lot of things. I have generous friends who spread me. I ain’t like the other bitches you know! I speak facts I relate to. I talk the talk and walk the walk. I WORK for all I get” she wrote

And we truly hope in time we don’t hear anything else concerning the house.

It seems Efia Odo is the bread winner in her family, Celebritieskasa.com noticed, since according to her, she sends her four sisters money at least three times a year.


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