2019 Ghana Bloggers Awards Launched


Ghana Bloggers Awards has been launched today to celebrate the growing numbers of bloggers in the country. The event aims to award those writing creative and interesting blogs on a range of subjects including business, fashion, entertainment and others

The blogosphere in Ghana has grown and developed with colourful array of personal and community blogs which add excellent coverage, comment and entertainment for web users. This is a brilliant opportunity to commemorate some of the hard work and innovation online in Ghana

Ghana Bloggers Awards was established to acknowledge the immense effort and commitment that is invested into creating informative blog. It consist of 36 categories, including the blogger of the year, next rated best blogger, best new blog and best blogger (regionals)

Ghana Bloggers Awards is an online event, since blogging itself is an online activity, but will be taken to the grounds in the near future, organisers, Holicage Media Network told us.


Blogger of the Year
Next Rated Best Blogger
Most Influential Blogger
Overall Best Blog
Best New Blog
Most Interactive Blog
Most Unique Voice in a Blog
Most Updated Blog
Best Youtube Channel
Best Facebook Personality
Best Instagrammer
Best Twitter Profile

Best Travel Blog
Best Health Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Music Blog
Best Entertainment Blog
Best News Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Business Blog
Best Fashion & Beauty Blog
Best Technology Blog
Best Regional Blog
Best Religious Blog

Best Blogger - [Insert Your Region Name]
Best Blogger - Western
Best Blogger - Eastern

Nomination has been opened. To file, kindly scroll down and fill in the form available.

NB: This is not our official website. Our official website is under construction, and sooner or later you shall see it.

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