Weed is good – Ras Caleb


Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi, a presidential aspirant of the national executive elections of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has asked Ghanaians to stop associating ‘weed’ with reggae/dancehall music, and also branding weed as a bad thing

According to him, he’s tasted some before, weed is very good. He used to smoke weed before and after stage performance.

“Ghanaians should stop associating weed with the raggae/dancehall music, its causing the downfall of the raggae/dancehall music in the country. Weed itself is not a bad thing, its very good. I know what I’m saying”, he told Spice91.9FM’s Yoofi Eyeson on Ofie Ne Fie show

He went on to say that, he stopped smoking cigarette after realising that anytime he takes in that drug, he feels tired mostly after shows, he then went in for marijuana, which helped him alot. He didn’t disclose why he stopped smoking the “weed”.


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