Men don’t spend much on me, I rather help them make more money – Efia Odo


Popular Ghanaian actress and presenter, Efia Odo, once again has made certain things clear to Ghanaian, as they take it the wrong way. Yet it hard to accept.

Efia Odo was known for sleeping with ‘big’ men and charging them in return, which brought about her tag ASHAWOBRITY. She’s always spotted spending money unnecessarily. is not soo sure if she is still into that act – ASHAWOBRITY.

According to Efia Odo, she is the type of lady that help men (those she’s with) earn more money, men do not actually spend much on her, and the reason is, she hates spending money on unnecessary things.

Her tweet read, “I’m the type of chick that helps my man make money,I hate speding especially on unnecessary things. Save as much as you can so year later you can purchase without asking how much. Queen for King.

We are yet to find out.
Efia Odo helping make more money?


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