Top 10 SHSs In The Western Region With The Best School Anthem


Almost all Senior High Schools in the Western Region have got school anthem. And I’ve been privileged to listen to almost all. Some sound good, others on the other hand sound very bad. This article contains a list of top senior high schools in the Western Region with the best school anthem. School anthems mostly talk about the aims of the school, some may be in the form of hymns, others may not. If you disagree, just get a copy of their anthem, and I’m not sure you’ll disagree.

Check Out The List Below

1 Bompeh Senior High Tech. School


2 Shama Senior High School


3 St. Mary’s Boys School


4 St. John’s Boys School


5 Takoradi Senior High School


6 Sekondi College


7 Ghana Sec. Tech. School


8 Takoradi Technical Institute


9 Nsein Senior High School


10 Fijai Senior High School


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