I want to be rich – Efia Odo dreams


Popular Ghanaian presenter Efia Odo, who was recently reported to have received christ has revealed what her dream is

Everyone’s dream is to be the happiest being on earth. Actually, Efia Odo’s dream isn’t that different from that of the many.

According to her, her dream is to be rich, just to buy her unknown boyfriend and his mother a lamborghini on his dirthday. She only wants to buy her boyfriend’s mother a car because she gave birth to him

Taking to her Twitter account, she wrote: “Wanna be so rich that I can buy my negga and his moms a lambo for his birthday, Moms gets one just cuz she birth him”

Efia Odo once told Celebritieskasa.com that she is not coming from a rich family but a rich family will come from her

Efia Odo herself has no car, not even a bicylce, why does she want to buy her boyfriend and his mother a car?

Just wondering how she is going to get that kind of money. Almost forgot, she is a beautiful lady.

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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