I need more money and not love – Efia Odo


Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

The aim of the celebration is to build a gender-balanced world, possibly by giving women the needed respect and love. That’s what every lady is in need of.

Popular Ghanaian actress and presenter, has disclosed what she is currently in need of. And its shockhng to the hearing.

In a tweet by Efia Odo, sighted by Celebritieskasa.com, she shared with her followers what she is currently ‘looking’ for.

According to her, she is greatly in need of money than love.
She took to her Twitter account, and wrote:
“Fuck the love shit, I need more zeroes to my ….”

By writing zeroes, we understand she meant money.

According to her reply to a follower, love has done nothing for her, but money has done a whole lot for her.

We now understand, the actions of the snapchat lady with name fatpussy055. Hope you’re getting it

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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