None of my cars have been seized – Medikal reacts to rumours


Medikal has finally reacted to the rumours that his house was stormed by the police and sent away all his cars leaving his benz

According to Ghsplash, Medikal’s expensive cars which he have one being a gift to Fella Makafui was stolen from the USA

We also had it that his house at the Lake-Side was stormed and raided by some military officers and had all cars sent away leaving his Benz

Reacting to the news, Medikal took to his Twitter account and wrote;
“None of my cars have been seized. No police or soldier come my house. Cadet sef no come here, poverty fall on the blogger making those fake news, mboa mba”

According to him, none of his cars have been seized. And no military officers went to his house for the seizure of his cars. That news is fake.

From the post, he was not happy with the news at all to the extend that his reaction even included an insult “MBOA MBA” which means “Animals’ Children”



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