I’m not that cheap – Joyce Dzidzor


The attention seeker is here again, this time she slams the NDC for refusing to pay her after using her videos for champaign.

According to Joyce Dzidzor, the NDC have been using her videos to slam the NPP Government. Unfortunately for her, they refused to pay her when she asked for it.

Taking to her Facebook timeline, she wrote: “….. People were accusing and threatening me all because of them. I approached them to compensate me for using my videos but they said no. I did another video and immediately they have uploaded them for their cheap champaign”

She further went on to say, she is not that cheap, NDC won’t go just like that, refusing to compensate her after using her videos to jab the NPP Government.

“…Even the HIV money you refused to pay. Do you people thimk am that chaeap,” she added

She explained that, members of NDC are the cause of all accusations and threats she’s been experiencing, For this reason she must be compensated or she’ll take action.

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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