I do what pleases me and not what pleases people – Efia Odo


Efia Odo has finally said it for herself that, she’s so selfish that what she’s been doing was to please herself.

Efia Odo’s lifestyle has got Ghanaians talking day in and day out.

Many are of the view that, Efia Odo
should desist from her undecent lifestyle. Its damaging her reputation.

Shockingly Celebritieskasa.com sighted a tweet by Efia Odo which was actually a reply to a fan’s suggestion on Twitter.

Replying to the tweet;
“What about covering the flesh like this every fvcking Day? love it”

She wrote, “How bout imma do and wear what I meant everday!! I do what pleases me and not what pleases the people”

She finds nothing wrong with her way of dressing and doing other stuffs, because it pleases her, and does not care if others find something wrong with.

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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