DKB finally proposes to Akuapem Poloo


This isn’t surprising as we already know what’s going on between Akuapem Poloo and DKB, just that
its late.

One of Ghana’s favourite showbiz personalities at the moment, Rosemond Brown,also known as Akuapem Poloo is at it again. This time, she has fans confused by her recent facebook post involving popular Ghanaian comedian DKB

According to her, DKB has told her something that would put a smile on a lady’s face. Guess what? A proposal.

Akuapem couldn’t keep the news to herself, she took to her Facebook page and wrote, “I wish you heard what DKB was telling me; APUU over my dead body wai DKB am scared of your big head”

Though she did not specifically say what DKB told her but from the post, first thing that comes to mind is a proposal

Her post was a reply to DKB’s proposal, saying she’s scared of his BIG head to which she can’t live with



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