Efia Odo says she is tired of Ghanaians, she’d forever be out of Ghana by next year


Efia Odo is really not happy with how Ghanaians treat her, degrading her personality everyday. She has revealed she would be out of the country by next year

The celebrities (ashawobrities) are having their secrets exposed in the most public way possible, revealing the disgusting and degrading things many of them are forced to endure simply to keep up with their lavish lifestyle

Efia Odo was included in the expose’ by the Snapchat lady.
She reacted to the allegation, said it was all false.

According to her, she can no more stand the state of being totally degraded. She is planning on permanently moving out of the country.

Taking to her Twitter account, she wrote,
“One more year then I’m out of this toxic environment…. thank God”

By writing ‘toxic environment’ she meant unconfortable country Ghana, Celebritieskasa.com noticed

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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