“Prophet Lukau’s “resurrected” man acted poorly, I would have done it better” – Joyce Dzidzor


Former AIDs Ambasador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensha who was in the news for begging for money on a German train, has judged the performance of Prophet Lukau’s ‘resurrected’ man, said he acted poorly, though she isn’t an actress, but could have done it better than what he did

Recently, it was reported that founder and leader of the South African based Alleluia International Ministries, Pastor Alph Lukau resurrected a dead man.

However, the miracle performed by the Pastor has been termed fake as there were so many antics which clearly indicate that the miracle was staged.

Joyce Dzidzor also agreed to it that the miracle was fake, she further went on to say the performance of the resurrected man was very poor, a professional actor should have been used instead of him.

She took to her facebook wall and wrote,

“Fake actors, Is that the way to die? If you don’t know how to do something you must ask. Knowledge is power

If it was me, I would have done it better”

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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