One Behind FatPussy055 Accounts Finally Exposed


Anas Aremeyaw Anas has not retired yet, but another investigative blogger who is said to be a lady is currently living in Anas’s shadow. For some days now, she has been exposing a whole lot of celebrities with some being tagged as Ashawobrities for their behaviours

Many have been guessing who is behind that SnapChat account FatPussy055 who recently created same account on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

According to her, her main aim is to put a stop to queen’s undecently slaying in the country. has gathered some hints which we hope can help you identify that FatPussy055 easily.

Below are some hints
1 She is not happy with what the slay queens are doing, sleeping with men for money

2 Its actually not one person behind these account, her activeness on the platforms proves

3 She wants to put a stop to the undecent act of slaying in Ghana

4 Until they find themselves a better jobs, she’s never going to stop

4 She is very close to these celebrities



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