Mr. Livingstone Sends Instagram User FatPu***Y055 To Ritualist


A young lady on Snapchat with username FatPu**Y055 is causing lots of confusion and two days ago we reported the story of how she accused the of CEO of Madhaus Promotions/Entertainment of having a deadly STD, and he’s infected lots of girls and celebrities.

Mr. Livingstone proved he was HIV negative thus denying the aforementioned allegation.

Information reaching indicates that currently Mr. Livingstone isn’t in Ghana, he’s left for Nigeria.

According George Mensah Britton, a very close friend of Mr Livingstone who is said to be a Nigeria, currently Mr Livingstone is in Nigeria. As some Nigerians would do when such issues arise, he’s going to his ritualist, for that Instagram user to be exposed and arrested as he’s already reported the case to the police. He can nomore bear it.

He said this in an interview with Spice FM’s Yoofi Eyeson

He further went on to say, he agrees that Mr Livingstone dated some of the celebrities he’s said to have infected with HIV



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