Blueface Drops Official “Thotiana” Remix With Cardi B & YG


Cardi B and Blueface release music video for “Thotiana”

Cardiana is in full effect on this remix

Thotiana recently climbed to the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs Chart but with the commerical release of the remix, it wouldn’t be surprising if it become his first chart.
Below is the lyrics for Thotiana

Until then, watch the Thotiana Remix Video (Dir by @_ColeBenneth) below

Quotable Lyrics Of Thetian Remix Ft Cardi B
Oh, we ain’t finished, tell him beat it up
And if the pussy stop breathin, give it CPR
It’s so tight, he think he slipped in my but
I don’t swallow plam B, I just swallow the nut
Pussy dope, I’m the dope dealer
And if your pussy good, shouldn’t have to maintain a broke n***a


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