Willie Roi Must Be Celebrated – Sammy Flex


Head of Communication Zylofo Media, Sammy Baah as stated that late Willie Roi is worth celebrating.

Sammy Flex told Yoofi Eyeson on ‘Ofie Ne Fie’ on Monday that Willie Roi has made much contributions to the Ghana music industry, he deserves being celebrated.

“In Ghana legends are scarcely celebrated, even great celebratable musicians and journalists who are now late weren’t celebrated. Willie Roi must be celebrated, looking at his contribution to the Ghana music industry, and looking at Ghana’s state, he won’t be celebrated, even great legends weren’t celebrated, its going to be difficult,” he told Yoofi Eyeson

According to him, he wished Willie Roi could be celebrated, but considering the fact that great celebratable legends weren’t celebrated in Ghana, he isn’t sure such celebration will happen.

Source: Celebritieskasa.com


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