Westhood To Release Movie On ‘Kidnappings In Takoradi’ Titled Kidnapped (PHOTO)


While Ghanaians are busily praying for the return of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls, some westhood(Western Region Movie Industry- Takoradi) actors and actresses are also thinking about the business side of ‘Kidnappings In Takoradi’. Photos of Westhood movie titled “Kidnapped” have popped up on social media.

From all indications, they are planning to release a movie on Kidnapping issues in Ghana.

Producer of popular Takoradi based movie, Junka Town, who happens to be the producer for the ‘about to be released’ movie, Mr Solomom Bosomtwe Sam (TANGO ONE FILM) on Facebook shared a photo of the movie and captioned it ” Kidnapped – Coming Soon”

According to the photo, the movie features popular actors and actresses based in Takoradi including, Too Much, Alaska, Atemuda, Tanganyika, Sophia, Ebo Smith and others

The reason for producing this movie is yet not known, as many keep on asking; “WHY THIS MOVIE” , we don’t actually know if its going to cause the return of the girls,

Source: CelebritiesKasa.com


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