Fella Makafui encourages everyone to slay in a tweet


Its Valentine’s day, Fella Makafui has a message for you today. Its about slaying for joy.

Fella Makafui in a recent tweet sighted by CelebritiesKasa.com on her Twitter handle encourages everyone to slay. Its good.

She simply tweeted; “Smile and Slay. You have to slay it in life or life will slay you.

The word slaying means a lot, it could be ‘amusement’, ‘having sex’, ‘killing or destroying’. But surely the tweet was referring to both ‘amusement’ and ‘having sex’.

Fella Makafui is an actress, she isn’t yet tagged as a slay queen, we don’t know why this time she talks about slaying.

In the same way, she may be talking about being happy.

Source: CelebritiesKasa.com


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