“Your face like missed call” – Ghanaian blasts Nana Tornado for ‘myth Jesus’ comment


‘He can’t go just like that, degrading Jesus Christ for no reason’.
A follower of Jesus Christ has heavily descended on Nana Tornado for saying Jesus Christ is powerless.

Recently, Nana Tornado was in the news for saying this, “There is no power in the name of Jesus. But there is power in the name of Antoa. All the miracles aren’t true. If someone wants to challenge they should come forth, if anyone wants they should drink poison and walk on the sea and let me see”

In a video CelebritiesKasa.com sighted, a man believed to be a Christian, mashed Nana Tornado like yam, he said, “You Nana Tornado, your face like missed call, you don’t deserve to be called a man, if you don’t believe in Jesus, go er, why come and spoil his name, NONSENSE! we don’t even want you in our Christian religion, go your way and leave our Jesus alone”

Nana Tornado wants to put Christians off the fact that Jesus Christ is powerful.

Source: CelebritiesKasa.com


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