Efia Odo, Akuapim Poloo and Nana Tornando aren’t celebrities – George Britton


Artiste manager and entertainment critic, George Mensah Britton talks about Efia Odo, Moesha, Akuapim Polo and Nana Tornado.

According to him, Efia Odo, Moesha, Akuapim Polo and Nana Tornado are not celebrities, actually they are public figures -actor and actresses. He stated this in an interview he had with Spice FM’s Yoofi Eyeson.

“…. all celebrities are public figures but not all public figures are celebrities, people like Efia Odo, Moesha, Akuapim Polo and even Nana Tornado, are not celebrities, they are actor(s) and actresses,”

Furthermore, in the interview he said that, a celebrity should be influential, and must have a great number of followers. Being popular does not make you a celebrity.

Meaning, Nana Tornado, Efia Odo, Moesha and Nana Tornado are not influencial, they may be popular and have followers, but that does not qualify them to be popular.

Source: CelebritiesKasa.com


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