Don’t drink before sex, you might miss the hole – Moesha preaches on Twitter


Thursday is Valentines day, Moesha has a message for you all.

Popular Ghanaian public figure, Moesha Buduong, who we believe is a sex coach, is here with another message for sex lovers, its all about going through the “sexy hole” without missing it.

We call it Moesha Tips, as usual, she tweets concerning sex, and all are advices.

On her Twitter wall, she wrote:

“When you’re drunk and you try to put it in and you keep on missing the hole with the head, and then it finally get in”

She was referring to sex, noticed.
Drunkards always find it difficult entering the hole with the head because they are unable to see clearly where the entrance (hole) is actually, but later make it through it.
Its Vals week, no more drinking before sex, you need to go through it from the start of the activity. Don’t keep them waiting for penetration.




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