17 Key points raised by Jonilar at the MTN DIGITAL MUSIC CONFERENCE 2019


During the Q&A session at the MTN Digital Music Conference at the Alisa Hotel in Accra yesterday, Blogger and Publicist, Jonathan Nii Laryea better known as Jonilar made some key point that were welcome by the audience .
Here are some of them
1. We have an encouraging population that loves streaming via mobile and desktop. All they need is a catalogue of good music to explore.
2. Ghana music has an identity even with the emerging trends. The demand of our music globally is on the rise that is why our musicians keeps clocking the millions views, top notch collabos which was impossible in the past.
3. If not the best, we have good internet access in Ghana as compared to other countries within the sub region. However, Telecos can still do something about the cost to encourage more people to streaming their favorite songs and videos.
4. There is so much pressure from international labels and publishing companies for African musicians to sound a certain way to meet their standard, a challenge we need to tackle because our sound and identity is equally paramount.
5. One way to deal with this pressure from these partners is to have our streaming platform for both audio and video.We need to start from somewhere as a country. We need a long term plan, common sense and positive energy to do this.
6. We don’t have proper structures, so the way forward is proper and legitimate collaboration between record labels, management companies, investors, producers, song writers etc to build a catalogue of Ghanaian music from old, new and the future.
7. Government should help the sector get a better data management system that can help us get accurate statistics to work with.We still don’t know the number of media house and companies consuming our music in Ghana.
8. It is not too late to have an influential music streaming platform to give us who truly deserves an award, who is the best selling, the people’s choice etc .
9. Musicians needs to adopt a certain culture we can all work with. We need to read extensively,togetherness, seriousness to attract other musicians and potential investors.
10. The industry needs ‘money-based economy’ so everybody makes money working . The Industry is currently running on favors, too much hype and unnecessary connections that only renders the upcoming musician hopeless. The music sector needs to be attractive not only when they want to do wedding and birthdays
11. A lot is expected from MTN Ghana because they have half of the country’s population using the network from voice, Sms to data. They have millions of subscribers worldwide.
12. Music is very powerful beside politics. They need to give Ghanaians a credible streaming platform that can pay for their creativity . Too much exploitation in the past !
13. Some companies came in the past only to waste our time and money because they didn’t do enough research, square pegs were fixed in round holes so everything collapsed during the storm. Enough is enough, my people !
14. Musicians are becoming powerful by day through social media and there is the need for stronger collaborations. If we are able to do this, other investors will love to do business with us. Music moves with tourism.
15. We need a regulatory body that can eventually supervise performance of streaming platforms. Currently, there is no competition so they run it their own way. We need local platforms with a global appearance.
17. Our educational sector has a role to play. The ICT should go beyond, Microsoft word. Our brothers and sisters needs to know about streaming, virtual reality etc. This is the gap we need to bridge .
The MTN digital music conference aims to bring together industry players to discuss the state and the future of music.
Source : Dklassgh.com