Rapper Claims He Has Been Pressing Wendy Shay's A$$ (Audio)


Tema-based hip hop and hip life rapper Part 2 has revealed that he has pressed Rufftown records songstress Wendy Shay’s ass.
Few months ago Wendy Shay was mocked by critics for showing her “nkrodoso” ass on stage. She later defended herself by saying it was a Photoshop edited photo by her enemies who wants to disgrace her though a video proved otherwise.
In a new fast trending song titled “Sane Eba” by Part 2 , Ai Warren and Ambition, rapper Part 2 used a line which goes like “Wendy Shay to koraa m’emia” which means “even Wendy Shay’s ass I have pressed”.
Is this just a rap or he has really done it as he claims.
Listen to “Sane Eba” below