The Government Of Ghana Is Owing Me – Donzy


Award-winning ghanaian musician, Donzy has revealed that the government of Ghana is owing him. How was that possible?

According to him, the pot-holes on the Tema Motorway has several times caused his car to break down, and also burst his car tyres, which he used his own money to purchase new spare parts for his car, and that caused him a lot. The money he used is what he termed as the debt the government is owing him.
Disclosing the actual amount the government is owing him, that is the money he used to repair his car which was damaged by the poor and bad state of Tema Motorway, the government is owing him a debt of GHC 600 .
He said all these in an interview with Yoofi Eyeson on ‘Ofie Ne Fie’ on Spice Fm 91.9 in Takoradi.
The Government of Ghana must either pay him actually or fix the roads, because until it does that, Donzy will never be seen as friendly in the eyes of the country.