Obrafuor doesn’t want to do a song with me–Pappy Kojo


Obrafuor doesn’t want to do a song with me – Pappy Kojo
Italian-based Ghanaian rapper Pappy Kojo believes his music icon, Hiplife legend Obrabuor does not want to do a song with him.
He explained in an interview on the Delay show how much he idolizes Obrafuor and how he influenced him to become a musician.
“Obrafuor is my number one reason, because I was listening to music but when I saw Obrafuor in the ‘Yaanom’ video, I knew he was the one and up to now talking about it, charley, I still have the same feeling, shout out to Obrafuor,” he stated.
He also spoke about how e disappointed by Obrafuor during one of his performances.
“It was Ghana meets Naija and I wanted to surprise the crowd with Obrafuor because people know I really do like Obrafuor, the whole dreadlocks thing was influenced by Obrafuor. We spoke about it, but I heard he got sick, so it’s fine,’ he said.
Pappy based on what people say has concluded that the ‘Yaanom’ hit maker does not want to do a song with him.
“I personally think he doesn’t want to do a song with me, that’s what I think.
I didn’t want to believe it but people are saying it’s because of my content, what I rap about, because you know Obrafuor is right now sort of a pastor, so my content and his content can’t really merge, it doesn’t mix,” he said.
“It’s not something he has said, it’s what I’ve been hearing and I think it makes sense so I stopped pushing it, I haven’t asked him but he is not ready so I don’t need to push it,’ he added.
However the two musicians are cool.
“He used to not answer my calls but he was sick and I didn’t know he was sick but now whenever I hit him up on WhatsApp he replies, when I call him he picks up, like he is there,” he revealed.
By: Susan Amoako Agyemang