Atom Reloaded Embarks On ‘Don't Do Tramol’ Campaign


Atom Embarks On ‘Don’t Do Tramol’ Campaign
2016 Vodafone Ghana music awards hiplife song of the year award wining act Atom, singer of ‘Ye Wo Krom’ fame has finally joined the battle to fight against Tramadol abuse in Ghana.
This Atom’s mega hit was played at Apple’s Developer Conference in 2016 to climax the demonstration of the all new Apple Music App during a presentation has now released a single song dubbed Stop Tramadol ,a song actually composed to use to reach out to the youth basically his music fans and other lovers of his music to help spread the news across the world to stop the abuse of Tramadol.
Tramadol as defined as an opiate analgesic prescribed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. according to medical experts, functions like heroin and can cause psychotic problems as well as damage vital organs in the human body whiles the youth are wrongly abusing it.
The musician added, even though he has other vital project including his album to release but he feels the country is first at heart and the youth are much concern ,whiles he explained if Tramadol can take away life which are probably the same people who hails his music then who would be there to consume his music so he feels there is the need to use his music to educate and save life than to sleep over the Tramadol abuse he added.
Also Atom will soon be touring some schools and make a visit to other communities within the country with the highest rate of Tramadol abuse to use a concert to preach to them as he believes so much this initiative will help to say no to Tramadol abuse in the country.