10 Eastern Region Presenters Who Couldn't Survive After Poaching


1. Londona

First on the list is the general Londona who moved from Emak 97.7 Fm to Kingdom 101.7 Fm.Listening to radio in the afternoon in Eastern Region few years back was very competitive with Londona leading the pack. He knows how to keep his listeners in suspense and he has got that will power to entice you to get glued to his programs, but this time around Londona is not himself after moving from Emak Fm to Kingdom Fm. Was it a wrong move ? Time will tell
2. Ekow Poncho

One of the controversial poaching in Eastern Region is Akora Ekow Poncho moving from Accra’s Breeze Fm to Koforidua based Bryt Fm.Some of us received the news with shock because Ekow Poncho years ago was the toast of Ghanaians especially during his days with Happy 98.9 Fm.But the truth which he himself(Ekow Poncho) can confirm is, Ghanaians don’t hear from him like it used to be. His influence is no more there. What at all triggered Ekow Poncho to move from Accra to Koforidua ? Aaah Well,time will tell
3. Royal Mama Cita

Royal Mama Cita of Koforidua based Bryt Fm can never be left unmentioned.Yess, is a fact, as human beings, we need to accept new challenges and move on but we think Royal Mama Cita shouldn’t have accepted this challenge. Royal Mama Cita took over Koforidua and it environs by storm when she was hosting the Drive Time Show on Sunrise 106.7 Fm. But today, her situation is worse than any of the names available here.Royal Mama Cita is likely to end her energetic presentation with Joy Multimedia.
4. Owoahene K. Acheampong

Just like Londona,Owoahene Kwabena Acheampong won the hearts of many when he was at the Koforidua based station Sunrise 106.7 FM.As a morning show by then, his show was one of the most patronized shows in every morning in the capital. He moved to Bryt FM to pursue his radio and so far little has been heard from him . currently, he is the PRO for Joy Industries . Owoahene Acheampong can be called during his time of presentation to talk about Joy Daddy and Sokoo Bitters.. Waaa look at these.We keep wondering if that’s part of the poaching contract.
5. Bishop Agbey Junior

Is this the end of the once king of the airwaves ? We decided not to add Bishop Agbey Junior to this list because of his personal beef with Kumikasa.com some years ago but seriously, this list can not go without Radio1 Fm’s drive time host.Back in his days with Life Fm and Sena radio now Atinka fm where he was doing good and was counted as one of the top rated presenters.But today, Bishop’s fire,energy is on radio wasn’t like before. Even though he is doing his best,we think the location of his station is not helping his brand at all.
6. Mr King

Mr King popularly known on radio as Wonuanie disappointed radio lovers in Eastern Region when he moved to Obuasi to pursue his radio career.By God’s grace,Wonuanie as a drive time host was able to create a unique style for himself on then O FM 107.7 . He moved from Eastern FM to Obuasi based O FM and succeeded. Wonuanie later moved back to Eastern Region to join Bunsu based Radio1 Fm and that’s all. Do you know who Mr King is ? Answer for yourself.Anyway,Congratulations to him because he just joined the table of men.
7. Owuraku Asamoah

Some radio presenters outside the Greater Accra Region are doing well but have not been in the limelight. And Owuraku Asamoah who is known in private life as Emmanuel Asamoah was one of them.Owuraku has been working with Somanya – based Rite 90.1 FM since 2004 as a talk show host with no professional journalistic background but was far better than some so called professional journalist. Two years later, he decided to join Radio1 Fm as the programs manager for the station,he was off air for sometime and till date couldn’t hold the niche he created for himself with the Somanya based radio station.
8. 024/Nana Yaw Addei

Nana Yaw Addei popularly known on radio as 024 is undoubtedly one of the best radio presenters in the Eastern Region and his contributions to the media fraternity in the region tells it all.Years back on Obourba Fm,024 knows how to keep his listeners in suspense and he has got that will power to entice you to get glued to his programs.He later switched to Oda based Ofie Fm whic he continued with his great works.Today,024 is back on Obourba Fm and his name and brand wasn’t like before.
9. DJ Rider

The radio DJ, has worked with many radio stations in the region for some years of which he was through his mathematical styles,he is able to pull a lot of fans in all places he has been especially during his days with Radio1 Fm. DJ Rider won for himself ERMEA promoter of the year award with Radio1 Fm but after joining Taste FM,his brand is nowhere to be found in the region as compared to his days with Radio1 and Emak FM. At Radio1 FM, he was hosting his own shows(Talking and Djing as well) but Rider is no more talking after joining Taste FM. Thus, joining Taste FM didn’t help his career.
10. K Baah

Last on the list is Bryt FM’s head of sports,K Baah. He is a presenter with substantial experience in the broadcast media.K Baah was a household name during his hey days with Koforidua based Sunrise Fm.The eloquent and ever-smiling K Baah is currently working with Joy Industries Bryt Fm but his name on radio today wasn’t like his days with Sunrise Fm. Nonetheless, he has been in the industry for quite some time but till date K Baah doesn’t have any account on social media.