Londona Gives To Kyeremanteng Cluster Of Schools In Koforidua


General Londona
On the 5th of June 2018,ace journalist, ERMEA’s most valuable personality LONDONA celebrated his birthday.
He took that day to embark on his humanitarian work. Nana Yaw Kumi popularly known as LONDONA took it upon himself to donate school item(Stationery) to Kyeremanteng cluster of schools in Ada-Koforidua.Items like exercise books,text books ,pencil’s, erasers ,soft drinks biscuits just a few to mention were donated to the school by Kofcity’s own General-Londona.
The pupils of Kyeremanteng cluster of schools were soo happy upon meeting him.most were happy because that was their first encounter with the Eastern Regions celebrated broadcaster.
The headmaster of the School thanked and commended General Londona for his good work and kind demeanor.The School prefect of the School also couldn’t hide his excitement.He thanked Londona on behalf his colleagues and urged all presenters to also do same to help the needy and poor in various Ghanian schools.He described how beneficial the items donated to them was and asked for Gods blessings upon the life of the “birthday man”.
General Londona when asked on why he chose to celebrate his birthday with the children in the said school,He said:” I have bee a kid like them and have seen how the less privileged ones suffer in our various Basic Schools. I couldn’t have celebrated my birthday in any much better way than what I did.I could feel the joy and fulfilment in my heart when the pupils showed excitement as they received the presents from my team and Myself “.
He continued by thanking God for his life and advised all Ghanians to see the essence of giving back to the society because people could be better if the society is also better.

Story By : Eminado Dha Diva