Musician 'Papa Kheelo' Endorses Bullet For MUSIGA Office


“Ever since the late 90s bad girl blew up in the Ghana Music Industry,everything about her has being shocking.Even to her death.
She started with her first single “Turn On The Light” and continued there after to have couple of songs like “Kupe”, “Sponsor”, “Date Ur Fada”, “Hustle”, “Maame Hw3” and even her latest track, “Konkonsa Police” still bashes even after her death.
Most people commented that her massive hits was due to her talent and also her brand.Oh Yes! She was talented which I believe I’m not the first to testify. Her brand and lifestyle was also a reason to her recognition.Although most people pretended to dislike it.
But a reason for her major acceptance in the Music Industry and beyond was nobody but his manager, BULLET of Ruff & Smooth fame.I think BULLET did it all.
He allowed her to tag herself with that brand before her talent was seen.
Within a year, he helped her to have massive hits after the other.He contributed to her lyrics.He sent her to the peak where most people couldn’t think of.
Is that not such great men that we need in the industry? .Don’t you think he will rise up both the upcoming and the already-made ones? Have you ever thought of him rising up the interest of Ghana Music as he is already known of?
Why don’t we give him the chance.
I pray both Ghanaians and BULLET himself will think about this in the in the shortest possible time and get back to start business.
OBUOR has done well, but I think the next person to take it to the next level should be BULLET.”
My name is PAPA KHEELO .A recording artiste, a songwriter and a performer from the KHEELO COUNTRY crew, an Akosombo-based Enterntainment Providing Group.