I’m matured than Stonebwoy and he can’t kill me


I’m matured than Stonebwoy and he can’t kill me
There has been a lot of brouhaha surrounding some Zylofon staff and their artistes. One of these artistes includes Stonebwoy, who has been in the news lately due to these issues.
Kumi Guitar who got involved at some point in Stonebwoy’s hullabaloo with Zylofon Media has said that he is more matured than Stonebwoy – insisting that the ‘Bawasaba’ hitmaker cannot kill him over their tiff.
Several music lovers were confused when Kumi Guitar released a ‘diss’ song titled ‘Gyae’, which was believed to have been directed at Stonebwoy. This came as a surprise to many because there was no previous encounters between the two.
During an interview with Dr Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra show, the ‘Betweener’ crooner stated that there is no animosity towards the BHIM nation president.
“I don’t have any problem with Stonebwoy, I think it all started with my track which he didn’t understand. For instance if we are siblings living in a family house, and there is a problem. Expressing my sentiments doesn’t mean I shouldn’t greet you the following morning, even though you might not understand me or might think I have spoken against you. I have heard what he said but human beings are nothing,” Kumi told Happy FM.
Reacting to a question on whether or not he thinks he acted in a more matured manner than Stonebwoy, Kumi Guitar explained, “I’m his senior brother but I’m not saying he is not matured. Maturity is defined differently by different people. The thing is everybody has their own way of understanding issues, I showed maturity in the sense that I am the elder one, and every elderly behaves well.”
“I had to go to him because even if there is a problem, I had to go to him and say hello. I didn’t want to talk about it but he brought it out.”
“We met at the 3music Awards, I saw his manager and I asked where is my brother? and he told me he was in his car, he was with his body guards. I heard them saying I was coming to do something to him and it was funny. When I tried reaching out to Stonebwoy to say hello, he wasn’t okay. He said I shouldn’t come to his space.”
Host of the show, Dr Cann asked if he thinks Stonebwoy, who was holding a gun in his car, could have shot you him if he had gotten closer, Kumi answered, “No he can’t kill me, he can’t kill me. Some of us need protection in this singing business but God is my biggest protection and because I have a clear conscience, God will always protect me in several ways. I don’t think Stonebwoy can even pull out a gun in the first place.”
Kumi Guitar is the first artiste who was signed unto Zylofon media and has since released tracks like Brown Suga, Dream, Problem, Betweener and Temperature featuring Jupitar.