Fiifi Banson Apologizes To Sony Achiba


Celebrated Broadcaster, Fiifi Banson has rendered an unqualified apology to Sony Achiba for “destroying” his music career.
Artiste Sony Achiba in several interviews blamed Fiifi Banson for being the cause of a down slide in his music career. According to him, Fiifi Banson’s bad comment about his music killed his career.
But Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat, the Broadcaster indicated that he never knew Sony Achiba got offended by his comments about his song.
He indicated that although his comment was his opinion about the song he heard been played, he indicated that he is sorry for “destroying” Sony Achiba’s music career.
He mentioned that anytime they meet, they will have a drink together.
He used the opportunity to apologise to any toe he stepped on during his career.