There has been a few weeks of trending issues concerning Dancehall artist and Yang Tuu Music Label Artist,Lord morgan who said on Tema Based Radio,
Yang Radio,pining his Manager and Promoter Mr Logic as “One Of The Most Useless Artists’ Managers in Ghana”.
Many ghanaians took this issue as something been personal between he and Mr Logic which he didnt mention during the interview but others took it from the angle,”Its One Of those things,he needs hype”Yet that was never the case.
Sometimes i need to speak my mind and my heart out for work to move on,but for calling him ‘Useless’ i sincely apologize to Mr Logic deeply from my Heart…
I said that On Radio and same way i have to clearify and apologize to him on Radio”Says Lord Morgan
He made This Confession on Accra-based Ahotor Fm on Saturday 19th of May,2018.Mr Logic is my Boss and
we are still working Together,My fans and the Entire Ghanaians should look out for more bigger projects with Mr Logic.
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Source : YANG NEWS