Kuami Eugene,Kelvyn Boy,King Promise Are Not Better Than Me-Koo Kyei


There is this African proverb which says that, “When a blind man says he will throw a stone at you, he probably has his foot on one.” Sometimes when two people argue over a particular subject, they have good reasons why they do that.
Highlife musician Koo kyei has said without mincing that Kuami Eugene,King Promise,Kelvyn Boy and others are not better than him.
Koo kyei known for his unique voice and singing said, “I will never accept it that Kuami Eugene,King Promise,Kidi,Kelvyn Boy and other young comrades are better than me.I am not disputing the fact that these musician’s are not good, but they are making it today because is their time to shine,”
“I am not comparing myself to other people in the industry because i doem things in my own way and does not follow the crowd like other people do. I have great songs than some of these artistes but is a matter of time” Koo Kyei concluded with his interview with Betty on Pan African’s TV Sjow “Swift”.