Zylofon Love – Rapper Obibini And Benedicta Gafah Chopping Each Other Down


Workplace romance is always so steamy and mysterious and now, Zylofon Media are enjoying their fair share of it.
The umbrella company, which has numerous subsidiaries including Zylofon Music, now have two of their assets ‘doing it’, if reports are to be believed.
During the week, electric rapper Obibini and actress Benedicta Gafah, who was once warned by Obinim to stay away from water bodies, were spotted in very cozy and loving shots.

Both are signed to Zylofon.
The two, enjoying the public holiday, where spotted together and they definitely looked liked a pair who had no time for anyone else.
According to reports, their bosses at the label are aware of their office romance and for now no reservations are being raised about it.