Musician ONEL Set To Release New Album


Talented Musician Adams Emmanuel popularly known as ONEL has hinted exclusively to the portal that, everything is set for the release of his first album OCEAN VIBES.
According to him, the album is a promising one all because she put IN all her best and believes will make waves in the music Industry.
On certain best days, most musicians can barely muster the energy, talent and good luck required to release an album. Majority do complain of sales, frying fans and attention spans but musician ONEL believes otherwise, to him as far as your product is good, patrons will rush to patronise the goods.
“All I want to do now in my music life is to change people’s life positively through my music. I want my music to be accepted by many and for it to be loved by many. My biggest fear is to be home and not let my music be heard” – – he stressed out.
The release of the long awaited album is slated for ending of this month May. He further made it clear that, the album has all genre of music and it will bring nothing but the best end of day.
The album is said to contain 8 powerful tracks.