Stop Limiting Yourself To Your Members-SDA Musicians Warned


A renowned sound engineer, Emmanuel Aqweci Boateng who doubles as a musician has advised and urged the seventh day Adventist (SDA) musicians should not limit their song’s to only SDA church members but the whole wild world.
Speaking to Odiyifo Yaw Charles, on “Homeda Akwangya” an Adventist gospel show aired Saturdays on ASSPA radio, the sound engineer siad most SDA gospel musicians has limited their song’s and singing carrier to only SDA member’s.
Most of the musicians do not research and do not learn and they have stucked to what they came to meet in the olden days by the forefathers.
He therefore,urged them to sing as every gospel musicians sing because gospel music has no boundary and limit.
He finally said they should cultivate the habit of researching and doing new things and do away with the old same beat and rythm they use.
Filed by Odiyifo Yaw Charles, Accra.