Only Sakodie & KiDi That Are Known In Australia – Ghanaian Musician Based In Australia


Here we go again! An Australia-based Ghanaian Hip-life musician, Michael Osayo Odonkor has revealed that the only Ghanaians who are known in Australia are Sarkodie, KiDi and Kuami Eugene.
According to the unknown artiste, Ghanaians living in Australia often jam to songs from the aforementioned artistes and that has increased their market share in the mainstream industry.
Prince revealed this in an interview with Prince Benjamin on the Class FM that:
He said:
The Ghanaian community in Australia is not big, so, there are not a lot of Ghanaians in Canberra, so, it’s not popping like that, but Sarkodie is playing.
The new kids, KiDi and Kuami Eugene, these guys are popping as well, they are doing great music, and R2Bees as well.
Australia is a tough market, if you are not doing house EDM type of music, it’s very difficult to get there, they want club music, they love club type of music.
Afro music is growing very fast, it’s getting big and getting massive; on Fridays and Saturdays, they have afro night, so that’s great, it’s encouraging, it was not happening till last two years, there was nothing like that; you will never hear something like afro music in the club, there was not nothing like that.
You know what they say, that when a crocodile comes from the lake to tell you that the crab is capable of coughing, you shouldn’t argue?
We just have to give him the benefit of the doubt though.