Gospel Musicians Heavily Exposed


Kwame Asomah a gospel musicians has described his colleagues gospel Musicians as Lazy and do not do any research.
Speaking to Odiyifo Yaw Charles on “Homeda Akwangya” on ASSPA radio,w with Kumikasa.con monitoring, kwame Asomah said most of the gospel songs which are sang by gospel are not of creativity but rather copy, cut and paste.
According to him, most gospel musicians are too lazy, they are not creative and do not research, but they only take songs from old musicians, modernise it,change the Rhythms,adding few words and that’s all
But the seventh day Adventist musicians they do not do that, because the Adventist musicians are creative and good at writing and composing.
He however added that, live worship now a day’s too has been one of the major problem, because they find it difficult writing and composing their own songs.
Most of the songs which are performed on stage by gospel musicians are old songs performed by an old or veteran’s but the circular musicians do not portray such behaviour.
Filed by Odiyifo Yaw Charles, Accra.