Maamobi Hospital-Pharmacy Department-Claim NHIS Can only Cover Paracetamol


Formal maamobi cilinic,Now maamobi hospital pharmacy department believes and claims the NHIS can only cover paracetamol.
Many patients that has attend to that particular hospital has said after counsulting to the doctor,and any medicine the doctor will write for them to go to the hospital pharmacy to take.The in charge of the pharmacy will insist that only para can be given to them,and the rest has to be sell for them.and the price of the medicine their is more costly than that of the pharmacy out side town.
Some victim recipe
After seven medicine given to the patient only one that was said it could be provided to him and that was only paracetamol.and they said the hospital has three (3) that they can sell for him and the three is cost ghc 60 sixty Ghana cedi and the other three unless he buy it out side.and after he ignored buying from the hospital pharmacy.Out pharmacy costed all the seven medication ghc56 fifty six cedis only.
Victim:Mr.Emmanuel Tinkorang