The National Democratic Congress(NDC) caucus of Salaga South constituency have expressed their grievances to President of Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo Addo and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces.
In a press released yesterday, the then kingpin of slavery and vociferous market centre in the history of this country issued this that, as we speak, we the people of Salaga don’t know whether you are coming by air or by road.
However, we would have wished you come by road to experience the suffering your government have kept the people of Salaga in, for stopping the construction of Tamale_Salaga_Makango Road.
According to the group,”your excellency ,we will be much happier if you make time out of your busy schedules to visit the project that were started by your predecessor,former president John Dramani Mahama and suddenly progress of these live changing, pragmatic and astutely timed projects have been either deliberately stalled or stop by you or your government with a reason best known to only you”, the group disclosed.
The group also asked the president, are we safe at all? What wrong have we the good people of Salaga done to deserve this wickedness? The road project and Tamale_Salaga road,the group angrily expressed.
Your Excellency, we the people of Salaga upon hearing one of our major problems we are facing was becoming a thing of the past when Tamale_Salaga _Makango was awarded to a contractor, and we became happier when the contractor took over site and began the construction.
Unfortunately the joy that greeted the people of Salaga has been taken away by you and your cruel government, by stopping the contractor from working with reasons best known to you and your government,the group added.
Mr.President,”we the people of Salaga want to express our shock and disappointment in our DCE for the recent filling and gravelling of some part of the road in preparation for your coming,” the group expressed.
Salaga ought to be above this mediocre, clueless and wasteful adventure in the name of gravelling potholes to welcome the president to Salaga.If the road is in good shape for us to ply on daily basis at the nonchalant of your vile and cruel government why aren’t it fit for you Mr.President? Salaga Township NDC caucus asked President, Akufo Addo.
” Your Excellency, the Salaga Township roads were awarded to a contractor by former President John Dramani Mahama and work began only to be for you and your government to abandon the project. Salaga_Makango Road,Number one junction_ Abrumase road,Salaga_Kafaba road, Salaga_ Kpandia road all abandoned by your government for reasons we not privy too”, the group lamented.
“Your Excellency ,Kpalbe Community Day SHS is one of the 123 community day schools in the country. The people of east_Gonja were happy to have a third senior high school in the district, however this joy was short_lived as you and your government have shamefully abandoned this project like it happened to other projects started by prez Mahama”, the group emphasized.
They again said that, Kulaw is one of the many communities that have never connected to the National Electricity Grid,but thankfully your predecessor, former prez Mahama and Hon. Dey took a bold step to break this misfortune by awarding a contract to connect Kulaw to the National Electricity Grid with 70{c151fd8a147ddff852f5795900bc3f49fb6f3f3def38a8fe7b2489f983e107b3} of work completed only for you and your government to slap the inhabitants with yet another mammoth disappointment and dismay by stalling the progress of work, what good have you achieved for doing this, the group questioned the President.
The group also stressed that, a 60bed capacity district hospital awarded to contract by your predecessor prez Mahama was ongoing but what your government added best was to abandon it with impunity.The group also that this project when completed will not only serve the people of Salaga alone but a referral hospital to a nearby district including Kpandia, Bimbille, CHIPS COMPOUNDS, Lantinkpa chip compound, Yayili chips compound, Kjewu chips compounds and many more.
The NDC caucus of south constituency articulated president, Akufo Addo and his government that posterity would indeed judge us all.
Story by: portia oduro