Silence De Rapper 'Roof Ripping' Performance At Eno's Birthday Press Conference


Multifarious rapper Elvis Nana Kojo known in the music fraternity as ‘Silence De Rapper’ is one of the finest when it comes to rap and his stagecraft is always unmatched.
He is in a league of his own without any mediator or dictator. Silence De Rapper always put in much dexterity and energy when ever he is on stage performing.

But his performance at Ghana’s finest female rapper ‘Eno’s birthday press conference recently seems to have raised the bar a notch higher for Silence De Rapper.
As the only artiste who performed at the show,Rapper Silence performance was simply classic! Everything on the on the day was on point– his rap,timing and delivery worked perfectly for him and he was just a delight to watch.

He performed in the presence of celebrities like Flowkingstone,Stay Jay,D Cryme and many others.
Keep up your good works rapper Silence.More grease to your elbow as you are prepping to release your next single dubbed “Tony Montana”.