Am Shocked To Hear Why Frank Mensah Pozo's Manager Has Taken Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win's Speech Seriously – Manager OF Vision Nation Films


On Saturday 19th august 2017, the manager of Frank Mensah Pozo said it openly that he is going to sue Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win and the Director of Vision Nation Films for the portion of their recent movie “Ennye s3 M’apem” which the Manager of Frank Mensah Pozo sees it as an attack and tease to Frank Mensah Pozo.
But the team of an contacted Richard Okai Pious known as Bro Gentle the production manager of Vision Nation Films to listen to his part of the story. This is what he said
” In life you may say something that isn’t negative but some may take it differently, I have recieved many calls from people telling me that the movie has really encouraged them regardless of their disabilities, so why has Frank Mensah Pozo’s Manager taken the movie in a negative way? ”
Richard Okai Pious continued to say that
“The movie is based on a true life story of gentleman in Winneba. And the movie aimed at telling all disabled and handicapped persons that life hasn’t ended for them and that there is more chances for them”.
After this we asked him what he wants to tell manager Of Frank Mensah Pozo. All he said was that He would be happy if the manager could reconsider his decision on the court suit since Kwadwo Nkansah lil Win’s speech in the movie isn’t negative as he has taken it.
You can watch the movie ” Ennye S3 M’apem” and give us a comment on th number below